Shutter Speed Testing Service

Camera Shutter speed measuring service

Camera Shutter Speed Testing by David Eadington.

Shutter speeds measured on 35mm and medium format cameras (Film cameras, not digital).

We measure shutter speeds with an extremely accurate light sensitive device positioned at the film plane with the camera back opened. (Not all cameras allow the shutter to operate when the back is open, so check your model). An appropriate light source is placed in frount of the camera and when the shutter opperates, the measuring device sends a signal to a computer. The length of the signal is measured on the computer.

We email you the results in PDF format and also enclose a print-out report of the results with your camera.
It usually takes about four days to carry out the test and return your camera to you.

Please note: We do NOT use an app which attempts to use just the sound of the shutter to measure the speed.

Report example:

Shutter Speed Test printout example